3.16ct Emerald Cut Gem Quality Rhodonite (Extremely Rare)


This is a great stone for those who are after a really gemmy piece of rhodonite with stunning, strong colour. It has big, bright flashes and though included, it is just more of a light haze that is visible to the eye. This really is a stunning collectors piece for those who appreciate gemmology and the rarity of material like this.

This material was mined in Brazil as a by product of a manganese mine, normally you could never justify the time and money it would take to retrieve this amazing quality of rhodonite given that it has been brought up from a depth of 1.5km underground. This also means that no additional land was excavated to retrieved it as it is simply a by-product of the manganese mining.


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Stone   Type


Chemical   Composition



 Emerald Cut

Crystal   System





 5.5 - 6.5



Specific   Gravity

 3.57 - 3.76



Refractive   Index

  1.711 - 1.751


 No Treatment 





Reference Number





 Responsible Sourcing, retrieved as by product after manganese mining.

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